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'I was asked what I thought about the recession. I replied that I decided not to take part.’ - Sam Walton, Wal-Mart

Cantor Hindson was founded in 2002 by Carrie Cantor and Brett Hindson who’d previously been partners and directors in a Surrey-based agency.

Carrie’s background is in television and advertising whilst Brett began life in FMCG and leisure marketing before moving into the agency world.

With a wealth of experience that encompasses every kind of economic climate, including three recessions, Cantor Hindson really have seen it all before and know that whilst market conditions come and go and new communication channels constantly emerge, the principles of effective marketing never change.

Cantor Hindson’s core values are based on delivering excellence in three key areas: strategy, creativity and service. Because most skills (traditional and digital) are retained in-house, results-generating campaigns can be provided quickly and cost effectively.

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