PPC: Google AdWords v Facebook Ads

PPC – Google AdWords v Facebook Ads


Clients often ask us – what’s better Google AdWords or Facebook ads? 

We reply - what’s more important to your business; buying intent or brand awareness? 

It’s all about perspective. 

At this very moment, potential customers who are actively looking for the products/services you offer are crucial. They know what they want and they are ready to buy. If they don’t purchase from you, they’ll probably buy from your competitors. 

This is the Google AdWords market – potential customers with specific needs and immediate or near-future buying intent. 

However, there will be lots of valuable potential customers who aren’t yet aware that your products/services can help them or solve their problems. These people see your ad when it passes through their Facebook news stream. They weren’t searching for your product/service, but they still get exposed to your ad. They’re not currently in a buying frame of mind, but your ad introduces your brand and gets them thinking. 

This is the Facebook ads market – people who match your target customer profiles and who, with some gentle persuasion, can probably be encouraged to buy in the future. 

So, Google AdWords is about reaching and converting hot prospects with immediate or near-future buying intent. Facebook ads are about creating a pipeline of quality future business opportunities. 

Facebook’s Strengths: Number of Users and Accurate Targeting 

Probably Facebook’s biggest strengths are the sheer number of users and the accuracy of its targeting. It has 2 billion subscribers and you can target them by location, age, sex and interests. The targeting allows you to only show ads to people who fit your customer profile. 

AdWords Strength: Buying Intent 

Google AdWords lets you bid on terms that allow you to reach people at specific points in the purchase process, e.g. still researching or ready to buy. You can then advertise accordingly and ensure that the message used is relevant to the point in the purchase process. 

In Summary 

AdWords is great for reaching potential customers already in the buying process. The CPC will probably be higher than Facebook but you are reaching warm/hot prospects. 

Facebook Ads allow you to accurately reach large numbers of people who match your target customer profiles. It’s an effective platform for increasing awareness, interest, and desire for your product/service.

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