Greetings Very Specific Person

Once upon a time it was possible to purchase a greetings card that simply specified the occasion (birthday, Christmas, congratulations, commiserations, get well soon, etc etc) without detailing the recipient's relationship to the sender.

Sadly, all that seems to have changed. Last week I wanted to purchase a birthday card for an old mate of many years. What I wanted was a fairly neutral card that wished my friend a happy birthday but, that didn't contain gushing verse, smutty innuendo or predict the imminent onset of Alzheimer's.

Unfortunately the high street chain I visited was unable to help. There were cards for grandparents, grandchildren, husbands, wives, siblings, in-laws, first cousins, second cousins twice removed, paternal great uncles, in fact every conceivable definable relationship, but nothing that just said Happy Birthday. At one point I seriously considered asking the sales assistant if there was a friends section and if so, did it specify the length and quality of the friendship

Why do cards need to be so recipient specific? Do people need reminding of their relationship status? Answers on a non specific greetings card please.

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