Why Every Business should Have a Marketing Plan

Four Reasons Why Even the Smallest Business Should Have a Marketing Plan

 Marketing Plan

We never cease to be amazed at the number of businesses we come across who don’t have a marketing plan. 

They often complain about lack of enquiries and poor sales, but when pushed, have no clear idea of who their target customers are, how best to reach them or how to engage with them. 

When it’s actually done, marketing activity for these businesses is usually random and unstructured; a burst of social here, the odd email blast there, even the occasional ad. It’s based on whatever (if anything) seems like a good idea that day.

As for the results of such activity, the least said the better… 

However, having a proper, structured marketing plan changes everything and offers even the smallest business four key benefits

1 When You Have a Plan You Have a Goal 

A plan by definition, is a way of achieving a target. A business that’s taken the trouble to develop a marketing plan, probably has a clear idea of what their marketing activity is trying to achieve in order to support their business. 

Put simply, they know where they want their business to go and they have a clear idea of how their marketing activity is going to help them get it there. 

2 A Plan Makes Marketing Routine 

Having a plan systemises the marketing process and makes it routine. On any given day you know what you need to do and why. Time, energy and resources are invested in doing things and achieving things and not wasted in wondering what to do. 

3 A Plan Maximises Resources 

When you have a plan, you’re ahead of the game. You know in advance what you need to and what resources are required. This not only allows you make best use of your time, it also allows you to buy exterior resources like media in advance and negotiate good prices. 

4 A Plan Gets Results 

A marketing plan that is focussed on achieving specific, measurable goals is far more likely to generate positive results for a business than random, unstructured activity. 

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